Our Story

Over the years, Annik has established itself as a world-class provider of data and analytics solutions that help businesses realize the full potential of their data assets. Using a global delivery model, the Annik solution framework leverages considerable in-house data and process expertise facilitated by its configurable automation products, across many data-intensive industries. Annik has grown to over 900 employees located across six global locations.

Managed Solutions on the Cloud

Our Solutions


Annik data scientists are able to apply advanced statistical methods to the growing variety of available data sources, in order to weave together highly impactful insights. Learn More


Annik is known for its advanced data visualization expertise, bringing complex data to life with easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and reporting solutions. Learn More

Data & Process

Annik's unique approach towards solving complex data problems, using its proprietary data and process stack, results in sustainable data strategies for reliable and high quality data assets. Learn More

Data Services

Leveraging our innovative data management solutions and global delivery centers, Annik delivers quality-driven, highly scalable solutions running data processes. Learn More


As a pioneer of global market research support services, Annik leverages its' technology, data and domain expertise to deliver data collection, tabulation and reporting solutions for the MR industry across the world. Learn More


Through a combination of proprietary products, as well as partnerships with leading industry platforms, Annik provides risk management solutions to financial institutions. Learn More



Our popular project management platform that lets you conduct and manage global multi-mode data collection. Leveraging our workflow automation technology, this makes your complex project easy. Learn More


Built on top of our world-class process consulting expertise, our workflow automation platform can easily be customized to any domain to provide substantial productivity and quality benefits. Learn More

Credit Management

Our offering for Financial Institutions, CMS provides end-to-end automation of credit application and approval processes. Highly configurable, this state-of-the-art solution includes customer master, approval and escalation modules and integrates with the top ratings engines. Learn More


Enhance your online surveys with configurable and interactive components that are proven to increase respondent satisfaction. This award-winning software is easy to use and incorporate into your surveys directly from the cloud. Learn More

Rapid Dashboard

Annik's prowess in the BI & Visualization space is powered by this versatile solution framework. Based on a core set of domain-specific data models, this product allows the creation of highly effective, customized dashboards and reports. Learn More

Operational Risk

This product allows companies to define, measure and monitor all types of risks to their continuing operations.  Ultimately configurable, this solution can be customized to any domain and is based on the latest operational risk methods. Learn More