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When we saw the level of quality Annik achieved, we knew we had a winning formula on our hands. That was a key advantage in going with Annik. They are market researchers first, and that was very reassuring. Everyone has an outsource horror story. with Annik, we've had none of those. They not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. It's great having a source that understands all the pieces of the puzzle, and it's why Annik is an indispensible part of our team.

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Market Research
  • Annik is uniquely positioned in the Market Research & Consulting domain, by blending technology with Research & Analytics to provide business intelligence and strategic solutions guided to business performance. Annik’s Strategic Information Management Services leverage domain knowledge, analytical models, and applications to manage and find meaning from the data which is generated through market research, business transactions & macroeconomic environment.
Data Management
  • In order for you to maximize your BI investment, your business data must not only be good and relevant, the business processes used must be stable, efficient and refined. At Annik we help you make better decisions by maximizing data and BI investment. We do this by leveraging our proven expertise in simplifying, integrating, structuring, and maintaining your data. At the same time we look at your business processes across the entire enterprise. The result is information that’s accessible and consistent throughout your organization at all times. Better data, better decisions.
Capital Markets Solutions
  • Annik comes to you as a full-service risk management partner with technology tools and consulting experience that goes way beyond being an external provider. Annik offers consultants and risk management products for BFSI to help you understand and manage risk in your organization. Annik also allows you to “de-risk” operations while managing the risks in balance sheets. As a Murex implementation partner, Annik delivers value to Murex clients by streamlining and supporting end-to-end implementation including technology, reporting and end-user support.